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stepping stones of maritime history


The Ridderschap maakte onderdeel uit van de geallieerde vloot (Brits Nederland) tegen Frankrijk in de slag bij Barfleur. 19-5-1692.

The battles of Barfleur and La Hougue took place during the Nine Years' War, between 19 May Old Style (29 May New Style) and 4 June Old Style (14 June New Style) 1692. The first was fought near Barfleur on 19 May Old Style (29 May New Style), with later actions occurring between 20 May Old Style (30 May New Style) and 4 June Old Style (14 June New Style) at Cherbourg and Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue in Normandy, France.

The Anglo-Dutch ships wintered in separate ports and Tourville was ordered to put to sea as early as possible, hoping to intercept them before they could combine. However, when he finally did so in late May, the two fleets under Admiral Edward Russell had already met up and were 82 strong when they encountered the French off Cape Barfleur.

Following his instructions, Tourville attacked but after an indecisive clash that left many ships on both sides damaged, he disengaged. The Anglo-Dutch fleet pursued the French into the harbours of Cherbourg and La Hogue, destroying a total of fifteen ships and ending the threat to England.


Type: ship-of-the-line  2e charter
Built: Rotterdam, Van Leeuwen, 1691
Owner: admirality Rotterdam
Dimensions: 156 x 42 x 15 3/4 vt
Complement: 400
Master: Johan van Convent (1692) Philip van der Goes (1696)
Armament: 72-74


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