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Recent research has led to a possible identity for the Normans bay Wreck being proposed. as the Dutch warship Wapen van Utrecht.

The Wapen van Utrecht was part of the squadron led by Evertsen the youngest in the battle of Beachy Head (10-7-1690) against the French fleet. The ship sank after the battle. Many Dutch ships were severely damaged.

Battle of Beachy Head
The naval battle was fought between the British-Dutch fleet and the French fleet, conducted by De Tourville. William III was king of England and governor of the Republic since 1688. The deposed Catholic king James I tried to recapture his throne via Ireland with the support of France.

The strong French fleet sailed into the Channel at the end of June. The Allied fleet, commanded by Admiral Torrington and Cornelis Evertsen, was ordered to attack.

During the battle, the Dutch squadron in particular was attacked and largely destroyed. of the 22 Dutch ships, only 3 remained deployable. 8 line ships were lost. The French did not lose 1 ship.

Torrington was later accused of doing too little to help the Dutch squadron. The French achieved the victory but did not exploit it. The British fleet was able to recover. The State fleet, on the other hand, would no longer become the old one.


Type: 3e charter fregat
Armament: 50

MasterPieter Claassen Dekker
People on board250
Length152 feet (46.3 m)
Width38 feet (11.6 m)
Draft14 feet (4.3 m)
Tonnage1000 ton (500 last)


Recent research generously funded by Historic England has led to a possible identity for the Normans bay Wreck being proposed. as a Dutch warship.


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