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The Prince Willem II left Amsterdam for Paramaribo on January 21, 1910 with 15 passengers, 39 crew members and a load of general cargo on board.

On January 23, 1910 at 1 pm, the ship passed the island of Ushant off the coast of Brittany. Since then nothing has been heard from the ship or the persons on board. In the course of February and early March 1910, various items of inventory of Prince Willem II washed up on the west coast of France. The ship is believed to have wrecked with all hands on January 24, 1910 between 5-WL and 10-WL in the extremely severe hurricane-force storm that occurred in the area that day. It is suspected that the ship was destroyed as a result of a boiler explosion during storm weather.


Some sources state 54 other 74 casualties

People on board54
Length264.1 feet (80.5 m)
Width36.1 feet (11 m)
Draft20.7 feet (6.3 m)
Tonnage1621 ton


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