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Battle resulting from struggles for possession of the Portuguese colonies. Since 1578, Portugal was held against his will to Spain and tried to recover its autonomy, what advantaged English, Dutch and French. The Pernambuco (today Brazil) was also sought and the Dutch had settled in Recife and Olinda. In 1631, the Spanish fleet led troop reinforcements in Bahia, and the Dutch, misinformed about the power of the enemy, attempted confrontation that occurred near the rocks of Abrolhos, 200 n. m. E of Bahian coast.


Type: Fregat, oorlogsschip
Built: Amsterdam,
Owner: WIC Chamber Amsterdam

Tonnage: 500 last

Complement: 150 matrozen / 150 soldaten
Flagship, General Pater

Armament : 26 bronze, 20 iron


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