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stepping stones of maritime history


The s.s. Prince Frederick Henry on his way from Cardiff to Bathurst was attacked by German aircraft on 8 March 1941. A bomb had struck the stern and caused fire. The main machine was stopped immediately. Attempts to extinguish the fire failed. As the fire spread more and more, it was decided to leave the ship. The shipwrecked were picked up by the Norwegian tanker Polartank.


Name: Built as Taborfjell renamed 1937 Prins Frederik Hendrik
Type: Steamer, Cargo vessel
Built: Frederiksstad Mekaniske Verksted A/S, Frederikstad, Norway, 1936
Owner: v.a. 1937, Maatschappij Zeetransport, Rotterdam, NL
Dimensions: 76.58 (Loa) x 12.86 4.27 m
Tonnage: 1288
Propulsion: Steam, Double Compound, Power: 1400
Speed: 12
Complement: 8 crewmembers died
Master: P. Ruig


The following crewmembers are missing/ drowned:
E. Bellinga, bootsman
G. Guyt matroos
G. Watts matroos (UK)
T. Piket matroos (UK?)
L van Dijk olieman
H. Reinhart, stgoker
M. Spaans, stoker
Ch. Me. Lean, tremmer (UK)


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