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stepping stones of maritime history


Prinscesse Amelia sailed early 1647 from the Netherlands to New Netherland. Arriving in New Amsterdam before 27 May 1647. The ship carried Petrus Stuyvesant, the new Director-General of New Netherland.

When she sailed from Manhattan to Amsterdam on 16 August 1647, she was loaded with 200,000 pounds of dyewood from Curaçao and around 14,000 beaver pelts.

Amelia was carrying 107 passengers and crew, including the recently fired Director Willem Kieft. The other passengers included Dutch West India Company soldiers who had recently arrived in Manhattan from Brazil and the Caribbean.

On a return voyage Prinses Amelia sank off coast of Wales on 27 Sept. 1647. Out of 107 passengers, only 21 were rescued. Kieft drowned and the cargo was lost.


Type: East Indiaman
Built: yard in Amsterdam, 1634

Owner: DWIC chamber of Amsterdam

Tonnage: 300 last
Complement: 107
Master: Jan Claesen Bol
Armament: 38


Down on 6 December

New in MaSS

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