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stepping stones of maritime history


The ship Polanen made three succesful voyages to the East Indies and back to the Dutch Republic. On 21-11-1748 the ship left Texel for the fourth journey. Master Adriaan Waag didn't survive the voyage; he was succeeded by Hilde Hendriksz Hoek. Polanen didn't call at the Cape but and False Bay, and she arrived in Batavia on 25-09-1749. On 11-06-1753 the ship was wrecked close to a place called "Carpettie". This could be "Calpettij": the peninsula Kalpitiya as it is now called.


Type: Hekboat, or hagboat or hackboat
Built in 1737 for the VOC-Chamber of Amsterdam on the wharf of Amsterdam.
Length: 130 ft.
Tonnage: 650 tons
On board: 170-175

A hekboat. Engraving by Adolf van der Laan.

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