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The Petronella came into service as the Trijntrje Fenna in 1854. She was sold three times. Finally, in 1863, she was sold with the new name Petronella.

At the time that she wrecked, the Petronella was traveling from Macassar to the Netherlands. According to a telegram from Port Elizabeth, dated July 16, 1878: The Petronella had entered Algoa Bay with a clean deck and some damage after having endured a heavy storm on June 19th.

In a heavy storm, which was unusual for the time of year, the Petronella was knocked off its anchors and become a wreck. Fortunately, no lives were lost during the incident.


Type: 3 mast bark

Built: Willem & Jan Hoogendijk & Co., Capelle aan den IJssel,

Owner 1: partenrederij, Rotterdam
Owner 2: Partenrederij onder boekhouderschap Arend Kuyper van Harpen en Egberts Sanders Amsterdam (1863-69)
Owner 3: R.F.P. Victor, Amsterdam

MasterW De Jong
Length119.4 feet (36.4 m)
Width24 feet (7.3 m)
Tonnage585 ton


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