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stepping stones of maritime history


On 16 Feb 1942, the German marine commenced Operation Neuland* with an attack of the U 156 on Aruba in the Caribbean.
Around 08.00 hours, the German U 156 attacked two tankers lying at anchor in the roads of San Nicholas harbour, hitting Pedernales and Oranjestad.
The Oranjestad was hit amidships by one torpedo. She caught fire and sank after about one hour. 15 crew members were lost. Oranjestad was the first tanker to be torpedoed and sunk by the Germans in the western hemisphere.


* Operation Neuland (New Land) was the code name for the extension of unrestricted submarine warfare into the Caribbean Sea during World War II. U-boats demonstrated range to disrupt United Kingdom petroleum supplies and United States aluminum supplies.


Built: Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast

MasterHerbert Morgan
People on board25
Length305.8 feet (93.2 m)
Beam50.2 feet (15.3 m)
Tonnage2396 ton


In 2008 is the wreck of the Oranjestad was founfd at a depth of 69 meter near Colony.


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