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The Oranjeboom Stayed in the Indies, captured by Japanese and Cambodians in 1643, restored by them to the Dutch and broken up in Batavia, 1647.

The Dutch East India Company established ties with Cambodia in 1620, during Chey Chettha's reign; in 1623, they established an outpost at Kompong Luong, a riverside port near de resident Oudong.

The Governor General of the Indies, Anthony van Diemen, was eager to capitalize on the recent Japanese ruling that closed Japan to foreigners, forbade Japanese expatriates to come home and allowed only Dutch and Chinese vessels to engage in trade with Japan. The ruling was aimed primarily at the Portuguese, Holland's rivals in Southeast Asia. It was also part of an ongoing anti-Christian campaign, from which the Dutch as non-proselytising Protestants were exempt but which affected many expatriate Japanese in Cambodja, who had fled Japan to escape anti-Christian purges.



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