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stepping stones of maritime history


In 1629 the Portuguese city of Malacca was besieged by an invading army of the sultan of Aceh. His army consisted of 236 ships and 14,000 soldiers. The VOC supported Aceh. The war yachts Oostzanen, Walcheren and Klein Heusden served in the Strait of Malacca.

In October, the armada de rema relief fleet, consisting of 28 galleys and frigates from Goa, arrived at Malacca. Fleetmaster Nuno Alvarez Botelho managed to break the siege and crush the fleet. Malacca was saved and eternal fame fell to Alvarez.

In the months that followed he managed to clear the street of Malacca. The VOC squadron was attacked near Jambi. The Walcheren, Oostzanen and Klein Heusden were lost during the fight against the Portuguese on April 5, 1630. The Portuguese admiral Nuno Alvarez Botelho fell into the water and drowned (Gen. Missiven).


Type: war yacht
Built: Amsterdam, 1628
Owner: VOC chamber, Amsterdam
Tonnage: 50 last

People on board30


From 28-01-1630 till 17-02 in the Downs; from 22-03 till 17-02 on the Cape Verde I. Blown up near Djambi, fighting the Portuguese, 05-04-1630.


Down on 9 December

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