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stepping stones of maritime history


The wreck remains of a larger vessel became visible in 1972-73 due to erosion by a tidal creek.


The wreck was sampled for a dendrochronological analysis, which was carried out by Sigrid Wrobel (University of Hamburg) and yielded a date of around/after 1665.

On the basis of Dr. Hans-Joachim Kühn's privately compiled register of wrecks, he tentatively associates this wreck with "De Kistemaker", which ran aground in 1711.


The wreck was swiftly covered by sediments when the tidal creek changed its course again and "passed" over the wrecksite. It can be surmised that the wreck is still in situ.


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    Gestrandet bei Uelvesbüll - Wrackarchäologie in Nordfriesland.

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