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The Noordster was part of the flotilla of Ita that conquered two ships of the Spanish Honduras fleet on 2 August 1628 just outside Habana.

H is the Noordster, B is the Dolfijn of Amsterdam.

 Ita's flotilla consisted of: De Walcheren (admiral), Dolfijn van Amsterdam (vice admiral), Eendracht van Dort (rear admiral), Goede Fortuin (van Zeeland), De Leeuwinne (yacht), De Vriese jager (yacht), De Cat en De Noordster.

Ita captures two Spanish galleons 

On August 1, two large galleons rounded the St. Jago and the Nosa Senhora de Remedios cape San Anton, and were spotted by Ita’s scouts. The next morning the Spaniards tried to enter Havana with full sail. However, the bay was blocked by Ita. The galleons had to sail past Havana and were driven by the Dutch to the coast where they ran aground just east of Havana.

The Dutch tried to get closer with the intention to enter. During this attempt a Dutch ship De Leeuwin also landed. The crew of the Leeuwin was therefore heavily bombarded by the Spaniards. The rest of the Dutch ships were warned and kept at a distance. The fight lasted all day. Eventually the Dutch overpowered both the galleons. The Spanish crew gave up the fight, jumped overboard and tried to reach the coast swimming.

The Noordster is mentioned in sources after this incident. It is unclear what became of her.


Tonnage: 30 last
Crew: 40
Armament: 4 bronze, 4 iron cannon
Master: Corn. Huyghens


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