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stepping stones of maritime history


The North Holland was part of the Dutch squadron in the naval battle near the South English Beachy Head that was fought on July 10, 1690 as part of the Nine Years' War. The naval battle was fought between the British-Dutch fleet under Admiral Arthur Torrington and the French fleet under De Tourville. The French fleet achieved a resounding victory. (see Battle of Beachy Head).

The North Holland crew sank their own ship so that it would not fall into the hands of the enemy.


Owner: Admiraliteit van Amsterdam, 1670
Armament: 44

MasterRudolf Swaan
People on board190
Length134 feet (40.8 m)
Width35 feet (10.7 m)
Draft14 feet (4.3 m)


  • Evertsen, C.
    Brief van l.uit. Admiraal Cornelis Evertsen 17 -7 -1690.

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