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The Alkmaar was a merchantmen hired by the WIC to participate in the expedition of admiral Jol to conquer the Spanish silver fleet in 1640. 
The Alkmaar stranded on the coast west of Habanna during a violent storm on 11th September 1640.

Only 22 of the 130 reported survived and managed to make it to the beach. They were imprisoned and taken to Habanna.


Big merchant men hired by the WIC.

Tonnage: 200 last,

Armament: 32 pieces / 12 bronze

Complement: 130


Reportedly destroyed in the surf after it stranded.


  • Reference: ARCHIVO GENERAL DE INDIAS. AUDIENCIA DE SANTO DOMINGO. Legajo: 101. No.: 143B. Fecha: 11 de septiembre de 1640. I. Wright II, p.63..

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