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The Cattenbau was a small yacht from the fleet of admiral Jol. 

During a violent storm on 11 september 1640 it stranded near Habanna. The crew was rescued and imprisoned in Habanna.

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Type: yacht (Dutch brander)

The Cattenbau was designed as a so-called fireship filled with highly combustible material. In battle a fireship was intended to ram enemy ships and set them on fire.

Captain: Harman Harmansen 

Complement, 15 sailors and 5 soldiers

Tonnage: 25 tons ( 50 last)


Possible wreck remains  in situ. 


  • Archivo General de Indias. Audiencia de Santo Domingo. Legajo: 101. No.: 143B. Fecha: 11 de septiembre de 1640.
  • OWIC,, 55,35,134.OWIC 68, 1567, fol 123.

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