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stepping stones of maritime history


The Grote Neptunus was the flagship of a private fleet of traders who sailed to Cuba in 1605 under the leadership of Abraham Le Verne to trade and purchase skins. The fleet consisted of English, French and Dutch ships.

On February 7, 1606 the fleet was intercepted by the Spanish Armada de Barlovento (Windward Fleet) at the Cape Cruz (Niquero district) entrance to Guacanayabo Bay. It came to a fight and the Grote Neptunus exploded and sunk with its Spanish opponent.


The Grote Neptunus was an armed merchantman.

  • Armament: 14 guns
MasterMarten Jaspersz van Rotterdam
Tonnage75 ton (38 last)


It is possible that there are remnants of the two protagonists of this fight nearby. The chance that there are remains of the Spanish and the Dutch ship in situ is high.


  • Gemeentearchief van AmsterdamArchiefnummer: 5075 - Archief van de Notarissen ter Standplaats AmsterdamNummer Notaris: 8 – Jan Franssen BruijninghInventarisnummer: 104Fol. 99r-100v.

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