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stepping stones of maritime history


In 1645 captured by The Rotterdam ship Aemilia off Dunkirke. It was a Dunkirk Privateer. Kasteel van Medemblik renamed Nijmegen in 1645.

The Nijmegen was convoying 6 West India men to patria. When they were attacked by the English. The Nijmegen was bombarded and sank. The 6 loaden West India Men were captured.


Type: Frigatte, 5th rate
Built: Originally a Dunkirke Privateer ship 'Kasteel van Medemblik' (1639) captured 1645.
Owner: Admiraliteit van Rotterdam (Maze)
Dimensions 105x 24,8 9,8 Rotterdam feet

2 Dutch 24-pounder (Brass)
10 Dutch 12-Pounder
3 Dutch 8-Pounder
7 Dutch 6-Pounder
2 Dutch 4-Pounder
Complement: 95 sailors, 25 soldiers

MasterKerckhoff, Paulus van den
People on board120


  • Elias, J.E. (1923).
    Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen.
    Martinus Nijhof.

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