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M TB-203 Hnms (Arend) was a Motor Torpedo Boat of the Royal Dutch Navy and was a White 73 feet type class.

Patrolled in the Channel area.

She was mined and sunk off Boulogne, France on 18 May 1944.


Type: torpedo boat White 73 ft class torpedo boat

Built: 1942
Length: 22.3 m
Tonnage: 39 verp (boven)
Motor: 3 x 12 cyl Packard Petrol engines, 3 shafts, 3 screws
Power: 3360 pk
Speed: 39 knopen
Armament: 2 .5" AA (1x2) 2 .303" AA (2x1) 2 21" torpedo tubes

Down on 1 October

New in MaSS

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