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MV Neutron was delivered in September 1964. Less than a year later, on 3 Augusts 1965, the vessel hit an unknown reef or wreck, at about 0:15. The captain requested assistance immediately and the seven crew and five passengers were taken on board by the fishing vessel Zeebrugge 555. Afterwards, the cause of the shipwreck was disputed. The captain thought he could not have hit the wreck of the Samsip, as he should already have passed it. The 'Raad voor de Scheepvaart' (Council for Shipping) disagreed with him: the Council supposed that the Neutron must have hit the only known wreck at the location, that of the Samsip. This wreck was marked with a buoy. Due to careless navigation the Council revoked the captain's competence to command seagoing ships for a duration of ten months.

In 1970, a wreck was discovered that was probably the Neutron.


Building plans of the ship have been preserved at the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum (Northern Maritime Museum) in Groningen, Netherlands.

MasterThomas Breider
People on board12
Power360 hp
Speed9 knots ~ 10 mph (17 km/h)
Length168 feet (51.2 m)
Draft12 feet (3.7 m)
Tonnage400 ton


The wreck of the Neutron is at a maximum depth of about 12 meters. At the hold, it is torn in two parts. The wreck is largely covered in sand. The rear is turned upside down and shows severe damage.


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