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Built in 1744, Mariënbos sailed under the name Lekkerland until 1759, when her name became Mariënbos. She made four successful voyages to the Dutch East Indies and back as Lekkerland, and was homeward bound from her fifth voyage to the Dutch colonies in the east, her first voyage as Mariënbos, when she was struck by a heavy storm. She sank in the harbor of Colombo on 27 March, 1762. Three other ships , Rhoon, Sparenrijk and Rijder, were lost in the same storm in the harbor of Matara.


Most likely a Dutch East Indiaman (spiegelretourschip) based on known specifications.

Built: 1744

VOC Chamber: Amsterdam

Wharf: Amsterdam

Captain on final voyage: Nikolaas Pietersz.

Complement: 307-348

Length: 150 ft

Tonnage: 1150 tons, 575 last

A full size replica of Amsterdam, a VOC spiegelretourschip from 1748.

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