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stepping stones of maritime history


16 March 1941: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau capture or sink the British merchantmen Simnia (6,197 GRT), San Casimiro (8,046 GRT), British Strength (7,139 GRT), Athelfoam (6,554 GRT), and the Norwegian Bianca (5,684 GRT) and Polykarb (6,405 GRT), all from a dispersed convoy. Approximate position 40° 30' North, 43° 45' West. The search continues, and later in the day, they sink the Norwegian Granli (1,577 GRT), the British Demeterton (5,200 GRT), Sardinian Prince (3,200 GRT), Silverfir (4,347 GRT), Royal Crown (4,364 GRT), Empire Industry (3,648 GRT), and Rio Dorado (4,500 tons), the French Myson (4,564 GRT), the Dutch Mangkai (8,290 GRT), and the Danish Chilean Reefer (1,739 GRT).


Name: Kronenfels (1915) Stg. Lawrence (1919-1922) Scheer (1922-1940) Mangkai (1940-41)
Type: Steam Freighter
Built: 1915, Flensburger Schiffsbau-Gesellschaft A.G., Flensburg, (D)
Owner 1: Deutsche Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft 'Hansa' A.G., Bremen.
Owner 2: N.V. Rotterdamsche Lloyd te Rotterdam (v.a. 1940)
Dimensions: 77.90 x 62.30 x 32.70 Feet (British)
Tonnage: 8298
Propulsion: Steam, Quadruple Expansion. Power: 3800
Speed: 11
Master: K. Brunner

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