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stepping stones of maritime history


Loosdrecht was built in 1714 by the VOC chamber of Amsterdam on a wharf in the city of Amsterdam. She was most likely a Dutch East Indiaman, or spiegelretourschip, a ship type that was commonly used during this time period to make long distance voyages for trade with Asia. Loosdrecht made two round trip voyages to the Dutch colony in present day Sri Lanka, and departed on her third outbound voyage from Texel on 14 January, 1719. A few days later, on 21 January, she ran aground on the Isle of Wight and was lost.


Type: Unknown, but likely a Dutch East Indiaman

Built: 1714

Chamber: VOC Chamber of Amsterdam

Wharf: Amsterdam

Tonnage: 805

Length: 145 feet

Complement: 250

Captain on final voyage: Willem Dekker


The status of the wreck site is unknown, although in 2001 it was rumored that the wreck was being looted by illegal salvagers. Gold coins thought to come from a wreck from this period and location were being sold in England, although it is unknown whether these coins do in fact come from the wreck of Loosdrecht.

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