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stepping stones of maritime history


In 1633, the Kemphaan, a VOC (Dutch East India Company) yacht (or pinnace?) of 100 tons, built in 1627 under the command of Captain Pruyt Tobias, was wrecked in Vietnam. The vessel departed from Galle in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) on December 17, 1632 for Hirado in Japan. During the return voyage via Taiwan, the vessel ran ashore during a storm off the coast of 'Cochin China' on October 22, 1633. The crew of 150 and cargo were saved.


Built: yard Amsterdam
Tonnage: 50 last

MasterKornelis Hendriksz. Denijs
People on board150
Tonnage100 ton (50 last)


Down on 11 December

New in MaSS

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