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This is the wreck of the Swedish schooner KARL OLOF, which was built 1866 in Karlskrona at the O. Bergström shipyard and with Blidö as registered home port. The vessel passed through the Fehmarn Sound at night with increasing winds from the north-east, reaching gale force. The captain made the decision to seek a sheltered anchorage on the island's western side, but the distance to the shore was miscalculated and the vessel ran aground the Puttgarden Reef at 2 am. The crew attempted to disembark with a dinghy, which however was lost in the storm, so they remained on board of the grounded vessel until all hands very saved by the islanders, who noted the wreck on the next morning.


Only the fragmentary bottom-section of the wreck is still preserved, with parts of the cargo - cement - still visible. The barrels in which it was transported have deteriorated and washed away.

People on board5
Length108.3 feet (33 m)
Tonnage135 ton


The cement cargo covers much of the wrecksite, which halted the deterioration process. The entire wrecksite however is badly damaged.

Due to its shallow depth of between 2-4 metres, this is a popular site for wreck divers, as the wreck is visible from the surface.


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