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stepping stones of maritime history


Length: 4.8 m
Width: 0.73 m.

Dated: 490 BC ± 30 years

 In 2003 the remains of an iron age logboat was found near the Voorsterbos in the Dutch North-East polder. Dick Velthuisen of the province of Flevoland did the first observations. Due to the extraordinary nature of the boat, NISA (Dutch Institute for Ship Archaeology) was asked to give advice and assistance. The following research concluded that the boat was indeed of prehistoric origin.

Kadoelerveld log boat

The logboat is in quite a complete state. It has a total length of 4,8 meters and a total width of 73 cm (of what is still left). Due to fitting-out works in the area, the context of the scenic information is unfortunately lost. Except for the fact that the logboat is in good condition, there are no extraordinary features to it. Nevertheless, the local municipality wanted to display the boat at the Museum of Schokland.

After salvaging, the logboat was first temporarily stored at the NISA headquarters in Lelystad. There, the boat was dated to be from around 490 BC through carbon dating. After that, it was moved to Delft for further research and conservation.


 The logboat is now being displayed at the museum of Schokland.


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