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stepping stones of maritime history


 At 20.24 hours on 6 June 1941 the Yselhaven (Master M.P. de Waard), dispersed from convoy OB-328 on 2 June, was hit by two torpedoes from U-43 and sank within two minutes about 600 miles east of Newfoundland.

The remaining crew members abandoned ship in two lifeboats, but one of them with 15 occupants was never seen again. The other boat with 10 men under command of the first mate A. Boutkan set sail for Cape Race but was hit by a gale, so they had to lower the mast and dropped a sea anchor.

On 15 June, the 10 survivors were picked up by the Finnish steam merchant Hammarland and taken to Norfolk, Virginia.


Type: Freighter
Built: 1921, William Dobson & Co., Newcastle on Tyne, Great Britain
Owner: N.V. Gebroeders van Uden's Scheepvaart- en Agentuur Maatschappij, Rotterdam
Dimensions: 360 x 52 x 31.5 Feet
Tonnage: 4802
Propulsion: Steam, Triple Expansion, Power: 1800
Speed: 10
Complement: 34, 24 casualties
Master: M.P. de Waard)


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