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On the 30th of August 1638, a sea battle between a part of the Spanish Tierra Firme fleet under the command of Carlos de Ibarra and a WIC fleet under command of Admiral Cornelis Jol was fought near the west coast of Cuba, Organos.

The Faem was vice admiral ship. In the battle Vice Admiral Roosendael had managed to come alongside the Spanish galleon San Marcos and cling to it, but he died during this fight. The San Marcos managed to get loose and headed for Jol who with his ship the Salamander attacked the Spanish admiral. Also the rear admiral Jan Mast's action against the Carmen was repulsed. The fight is vividly described by the captain of the Carmen, Urdanivia.* The Schout at Night Jan Mast also fell during this fight.


Type: frigate

Built: Middelburg

WIC Chamber Zeeland

Complement: 60

Tonnage: 250 last

Armament: 4 -16 -8


Still operational 1639 according to the list of Johan Maurits, but not anymore in 1640.


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