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stepping stones of maritime history


A small fluyt like ship intended for use in the intra-Asiatic trade.

On her first voyage from Texel (29-11-1662) to Asia, one seafarer was thrown overboard because of 'sodomy'. Seven 'passengers' who embarked at the Cape were Portuguese prisoners.

The Daghregister of Batavia mentions that on 28-11-1670 news came from Japan that the fluyt Hoogcaspel that had left Toncquin on 3-8-1670 with a cargo worth almost f 200.00 had not arrived in Japan and that it was feared that the fluiyt was lost.


Tonnage: 212 , 106 last
Complement: 30-40
Master: Andries Brant (1663)

Length102 feet (31.1 m)
Width23 feet (7 m)
Draft8.9 feet (2.7 m)


Down on 13 April

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