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On 15 August 1918, less than a year after its launch, HMS Scott was sunk off the Dutch coast. Although the exact cause for its demise remains unclear, the German submarine UC-17 which was patrolling in the area is usually credited for sinking the Scott.

Two German UC II type submarines, source: Wikipedia Commons.


Name: HMS Scott
Navy: Royal Navy
Class: Admiralty type destroyer
Launched: October 1917
Length: 101.35 m
Beam: 9.68 m
Draught: 3.81 m
Displacement: 1,830 tons
Armament: five 120 mmMk I guns, six 533 mm torpedo tubes

HMS Scott in 1917 or 1918, source: Wikipedia Commons.


The wreck of HMS Scott lies upright on the sea floor, and has remained in relatively good condition.

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