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stepping stones of maritime history


Dutch Coaster hired by the Royal Navy for Operation Dynamo. Built in 1939. The owner was G. Kuur from Groningen.


Type: GL

Naam: Te water gelaten als NOMADISCH 1939

Built: van G.J. v.d. Werff, Westerbroek, 1939
Owner 1: 1939 Nomadisch D.R. Kajuiter, Groningen.
Owner 2: 1940 ALICE G. Kuur, Zwartsluis

Engine: Brons

Power195 hp
Speed9 knots ~ 10 mph (17 km/h)
Length127.1 feet (38.7 m)
Width23.3 feet (7.1 m)


Down on 11 December

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces