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It is unclear whether Hertog van Brunswijk was lost on her outbound journey to or homebound journey from the Dutch East Indies, but it was most likely that she had made it to the Dutch colonies, and was returning to the Netherlands, when she ran aground in modern day Sri-Lanka in 1769. At least some of the crew members survived the wreck, but the captain, Jan Schellinger, is listed as going down with his ship.

A painting of a Dutch East Indiaman off Hoorn before 1690.


Type: Dutch East Indiaman (spiegelretourschip)
Built: Wharf: Amsterdam, 1765
Owner: DEIC Chamber: Amsterdam
Captain: Jan Schellinger
Complement: 353
Length: 150 ft
Tonnage: 1150 tons, 575 last

Hertog van Brunswijk

A full size replica of Amsterdam, a VOC spiegelretourschip from 1748.


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