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stepping stones of maritime history


After the sinking of De Rijnsburg in the mouth of the Pearl River in China, a replacement ship was sought. In Macau, the Portuguese ship St
Simão was thought to be a good repoacement. A delegation inspected the ship and it was decided to proceed with the purchase. The ship was bought for 38,000 taels and renamed Herstelder. (Yong, Liu, 103)

The Herstelder makes 3 more return trips before remaining in the Indies from 1780 on. Perished in 1783, Indies.


Type: frigatte
Built: Macau
Owner: bought VOC chamber Rotterdam (1772)
Length: 125 ft (65,9 cubits)
Width: 25,4 cubits
Tonnage: 300 last
Complement: 200
Master: Justus Hendrik Pfeil (1772-73), Frederik Godert Wever (1780-1783)


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