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stepping stones of maritime history


On May 12th, 1940, the Dutch cargo ship Henrica (ex-Neptunus, 1931- 1937), built in 1931 by Smit J. & Zoon and owned by Hammerstein A., was lost after a collision with British ship RUNO, while being attacked in a German air raid, off Le Havre.

The crew was rescued. The wreck was later recovered by the Germans and put into use by the Deutsche Kriegsmarine as 'FP.03 Hafenschutz La Pallice, (La Rochelle) in France Frankreich.

FP-03 was lost to a British mine on November 6th, 1942 near La Rochelle.*


* Under the Nazi Occupation of France, La Pallice was used as a U-boat base (Base sous-marine de La Rochelle) from October 1941 when the 3rd U-boat Flotilla was moved there from its base in Kiel.


Length149.3 feet (45.5 m)
Tonnage420 ton


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