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HEINRICH HORN was a steamship built on the shipyard of Henry Koch in Lübeck and commissioned into service by the "H. C. Horn & Genossen" company in November 1900, named after Heinrich Christian Horn from Schleswig. In May 1903, the ship came into the ownership his younger brother's (Franz Horn) newly founded steamship company "Horn".

On 2nd December 1917, HEINRICH HORN got into a storm on the way to Delfzijl with a cargo of timber from Sweden. The ship foundered in the Otzumer Balje off the island of Langeoog. The stormy weather prevented the rescue lifeboat crew to put out to sea immediately. Two days later, they finally reached the wreck, but the crew had gone without a trace.


The vessel was fitted with a 3-cylinder triple expansion steam engine.

People on board18
Power113 hp
Speed9 knots ~ 10 mph (17 km/h)
Length23 feet (7 m)
Width36.1 feet (11 m)
Displacement1531 ton


The wreck has been largely broken up and scrapped in May 1918. Nonetheless, remains of the wreck can still be seen to this day.


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