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stepping stones of maritime history

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Exploded and perished on May 1, 1661. In April 1661, warlord Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga) landed in Taiwan. In February 1662 he forced the Dutch governor Frederick Coyett to surrender Fort Zeelandia. From that moment Zheng called himself King of Taiwan. Taiwan did not become part of China until 1683.

Overgave fort Zeelandia


Type: jacht
Built: yard in Amsterdam, 1655
Owner: DEIC chamber Amsterdam
Tonnage: 300 last (600 ton)

Complement 110 crew, 63 soldiers
Master: Delfshaven, Lukas Bouwersz. van der Lek van


Down on 30 September

Burgzand Noord

Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters

New in MaSS

World War II