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stepping stones of maritime history


Until the building of the Aemilia it was the biggest ship of the admiralty of the Maze (220-250 last).

Maarten Tromp was captain on the flagship of the newly appointed luitenant admiral of the admiralty Piet Hein. He came from the WIC and was at that moment the most successful admiral in the Dutch navy. In May 1629 he was sent against the Duinkerk privateers who were attacking Dutch shipping in the English Channel.

Death of Piet Hein

On the 17th of June, Piet Hein intercepted three privateers. To maximize firepower, he maneuvered his ship between two enemy ships. It turned out bad for the admiral. An eight-pound cannon ball hit him in the left shoulder and he died instantly.

The battle was not lost and the Dutch fleet was nevertheless successful. That was due to the flag captain of the admiral ship, Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp. He would very soon become the most important admiral of the Dutch Republic.


Tonnage: 220-250

Armament: 26 bronze.

MasterTromp, Maarten Harpsz.
People on board150
Tonnage440 ton (220 last)


  • NIMH.

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