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stepping stones of maritime history

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The Gouden Leeuw was the  flagship of admiral Cornelis Tromp (1629-1691), son of Maarten Tromp. It fought numerous battles for the Dutch republic.

De gouden leeuw oip het Ij (Van de_Velde de jongere)

The painting The ‘Gouden Leeuw op het IJ' (1686) by Willem van de Velde de Jongere (1633-1707).

On the above painting, the Gouden Leeuw is being honored before leaving active service.

During the third Dutch–anglo war, Gouden Leeuw was active in the Battle of Schooneveld in 1673 and the battle of Kijkduin also in  1673.

Tromp commanded the Gouden Leeuw but was at the time under command of Michiel De Ruyter who was on the Zeven Provinciën.


Type: Ship of the line

Built : 1655 for the admiralty of Amsterdam

Designer: Jan Salomonsz van den Tempel

Length: 165 ft, (50,29 m)
Width : 40 ft, (12m )

Complement: 490
Armament: 82 canons



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