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stepping stones of maritime history


Ship on which the later vice-admiral Witte Cornelisz. de With started his career. He was then 17 year old.

The Gouden Leeuw made several retour voyages. Departed on her 4th retour voyage on 7-5-1629 from Texel to Batavia where she arrived 19-11-1629.

The status of the vessel was considered so bad that she could not be sent to Holland again. She stayed and did duty in Indian waters. On her last voyage from Makassar to Batavia she hit an unknown reef and sank near Kalimantan in 1634.


Built: Rotterdam, 1615
Tonnage: 275 last
Master: Gheen Huigen Schapenham (1616-1619)
Anthonio van den Heuvel (1634)


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