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stepping stones of maritime history


The Goeree took part in at least two major WIC expeditions aimed to intercept and conquer the Spanish silverfleet near Havana, Cuba.

On 30 August 1638 a sea battle between a part of the Spanish Tierra Firme fleet under the command of Carlos de Ibarra and a WIC fleet under command of Admiral Cornelis Jol was fought near the the west coast of Cuba, Organos.

While the admiral vice admiral and rear admiral engaged the bigger Spanish galleons, the rest of the fleet hesitated.  The opportunity was lost and after the battle the captains of  3 ships , de Zwolle, Overijsel and Goeree were punished and replaced .


Type: frigate 
Built : Amsterdam, ca. 1630
WIC chamber Amsterdam
Complement: 54
Armament: 8 bronze, 20 iron cast canons

Down on 27 January

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces