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De Giessenburg was a DEI retourship. She made four trips between Holland and Batavia (Djakarta) before she stayed in Asia. The old ship was deployed in the Indonesian archipelago in her last year.

Last trip
The Giessenburg encountered a severe storm on her voyage to Banda and was by a strong westerly current on entering Strait Buton. The ship no longer responded to the rudder, the fore topsail tore and she ran aground.

Cargo and crew rescued
The crew of the Giessenburg was rescued and the cash, papers, textiles, slaves were transferred to the Kroonprins and Snuffelaar and taken to Banda. The part of the cargo that has been secured on Buton will remain there under the king's guarantee until the Makassar administration has collected it. Some other goods and gunpowder came with the pantjalang Swaan to Batavia, where the skipper H. Huurman and the mates of the wrecked ship were also present.

After their journals by the head of the Company's naval forces Nicolaas Houtingh and his followers had been tax-checked before the lawyer and they were acquitted of dereliction of duty, they were declared fit for service again in the meeting of 4 July 1766.


Yard: Amsterdam
Master: H. Huurman

Length150 feet (45.7 m)


Down on 27 January

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces