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stepping stones of maritime history


The retour fleet of seven ships, consisting of the Wapen van Holland, the Prins Willem, the Vogel Phoenix, Arnhem, Maarsseveen, Princess Royal and the Gekroonde Leeuw (Crowned Lion), broke apart on 11 February due to a storm.

Three ships from the fleet (the Wapen van Holland, the Gekroonde Leeuw and the Prins Willem) were lost that same day (at 25/26 ° S).

The next day, 12 February 1662, the Arnhem perished at St. Brandon (Cargados Carajos shallows), a group of atolls and reefs about 120 miles NE of Mauritius.


Gebouwd: Enkhuizen lijst timmering tussen 22-8-1651 en 14-9-1652)

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