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stepping stones of maritime history


The Flora entered Table Bay on 16-11-1821 on its way to Cape Town harbour from Batavia. At about 01:00 am the following morning, the vessel wrecked in the shallows at the southern point of Robben Island.

Fortunately, there were no casualties during the wreck. However, the survivors could not be immediately transported to the mainland because there had been a cholera epidemic in Batavia. As a result, the survivors had to be kept under quarantine on Robben Island first before finally being allowed passage on the Perseverance.


MasterW Blom
Tonnage700 ton (350 last)


The wreck and its contents were sold on 23-11-1821 at the agents' offices on Church Street. Though most of the cargo could not be salvaged, what had been recovered was sold on 04-01-1822 at the Custom's house. This included: the ship's bell, salted meat, sail ropes, and cables.

According to a survey by Werz and Deacon (1992), the rough ocean conditions at the suspected site of the wreck and the fact that the ship has been made out of wood has made it difficult to find the exact position of this wreck.


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