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Hr.Ms. Eveline was a Dutch trawler (IJM-115) that diverted to England in May 1940. She was requisitioned by the Royal Dutch Navy and added to the 66th minesweeper group at Milford Haven as an auxiliary minesweeper. Other ships in this group were: Alma, Bergen and Ewald.

Mr. Ms. Eveline sank after a collision with the British whaler Shera on 27 January 1942 in the bay of Mildford Haven. One Eveline crew member was killed in the accident.

The wreck was later refloated and sold to the Boston Deepsea Fishing Comp. in Fleetwood under the name Honora Evelyn FD 12 (Ijm. Courant)


Type: trawler
Built: G. Seebeck te Geestemünde, Duitsland, 1912
Tonnage: 206 grt
Motor: 1 x 3-cyl. triple expansion engine, single shaft, 1 screw

People on board15
Power320 hp
Speed11 knots ~ 13 mph (20 km/h)
Length38 feet (11.6 m)
Width686 feet (209.1 m)
Tonnage78 ton
Displacement209 ton


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