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stepping stones of maritime history


The Eibergen departed on May 23, 1941 from Newcastle-on-Tyne in convoy OB-327 to West Africa. On June 3, 1941, she - the convoy was scattered 600 miles north-east of the Azores - was torpedoed by the German U-boat U 75 and sank. 4 people on the Eibergen lost their lives.

The U-boat had chased the ship for more than 9 hours, missed with a first torpedo at 02:37 hours and then a spread of two torpedoes at 02:53 hours before hitting the ship with the fourth.


Type: Cargo vessel
Built: Wm. Pickersgill & Sons Ltd, Sunderland
Owner: N.V. Zuid Hollandsche Scheepvaart Mij
Dimensions: 391 x 52 x 29 voet
Tonnage: 4801
Propulsion: Steam, Triple Expansion, 1800 pk
Speed: 11
Complement: 39, 4 casualties
Master: R. Hilbrandie


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