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stepping stones of maritime history


The Eendracht was stranded in de bay of Plymouth in 1690. The ship had been under the command of Johan Snellen since 1689.

The Dutch War

The ship was Michiel de Ruyter's flagship during the expedition to Sicily to aid Spain against the French fleet in 1675-76.

Two naval battles were fought off Sicily against the French fleet under Admiral Duquesnes. The first battle took place on January 8, 1676 near Palermo, where the Dutch lost De Essen and The Kleine Eendracht). But the battle remained undecided.

The second battle took place on April 22 at Augusta harbor in the shadow of Mount Etna. This battle also ended strangely undecided. Early on during the battle, Admiral De Ruyter was hit by a cannonball that tore off his leg. He died on board hours later. Vice Admiral Duquesnes called off the battle in piety for the deceased admiral.


Type: ship of the line, 1 rate
Built: yard in Rotterdam by Jan Salomonsz. van den Tempel, 1666
Master: Aert Janszoon van Nes, Johan Snellen (1689-90)
Armament: 76-80

MasterSnerllen, Johan
People on board350
Length160 feet (48.8 m)
Width42.5 feet (13 m)
Draft16 feet (4.9 m)


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