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The Eendracht was the flagship of the admiralty of the Noorderkwartier.

In 1622, the Eendracht was part of the so-called Nassau fleet of eleven ships o.l, .v. Jacques l'Hermite. The Nassau fleet was a joint venture of the States General and the VOC. The goal was the conquest of Peru, including the rich silver mines of Potosi (now Bolivia) and Portoviejo in Ecuador. An additional assignment was to catch the treasure fleet. The setup failed; Peru remained firmly in the hands of the Spanish and the treasure fleet was not seen.

The Eendracht was lost in 1639 and was replaced that same year by the (Nieuwe) Eendracht.


Type: man-of-war
Built: 's lands werf Enkhuizen, 1619
Owner: Admiralty Noorderkwartier 
Complement: 105 crew, 5 soldiers (1623)
Master: Hildebrand Gerbrandsz. Quast (1621) 
Armament: 22

MasterJan IJsbrandsz.
People on board110
Length130 feet (39.6 m)
Width34 feet (10.4 m)
Draft12 feet (3.7 m)


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