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stepping stones of maritime history


A flat bottom vessel was found in 1973 in a branche of the Oude Waal near the Roman villa of Druten. Sixteen meters have been preserved. The cross connections consisted of paired frames with side branches that served as knee patches. The frames were fastened with iron nails on the bottom and wooden pens on the chine. The chine is not strictly L-shaped, but round and the edges were slightly slanted on it flat.

With this Druten deviates from the other ships of the Zwammerdam type in the Netherlands. The shelves were placed in pairs. Remains of one deck or cabin were found.

The Druten ship is dated around 200 AD. Traces Charred wood scraps and fire 
suggest that the ship perished accidently. There is dust found in the ship of roof tile material that gives an indication of the last load of the ship.


Length was approximately 27 meters, the width less than 4 meters. The ship was rather slim.


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