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The Donkervliet was a fluyt built for the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compangie) in 1696. It had made serveral successful voyages before sinking probably near the coast of Selayar in 1718. The Donkervliet left on the 10th of April from Massakar to Batavia via Bima. Presumably the Donkervliet lost course and was trapped in a storm that was reported near Selayar on April the 29th, 1718. The Dutch authorities believed that any crew members who did not drown that day were probably killed by the local population.


Name: Donkervliet.

Type: East Indiaman (Spiegelretourschip).

Complement: 200-225.

Yard: Middelbrug.

Chamber: Zeeland.

Length: 44 metres (145 foot).

Width: 11 metres (36.5 foot).

Draught: 4.5 metres (15 foot).


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