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stepping stones of maritime history


The m.s. Diana left Newport for Watchet on January 18, 1941. The m.s. Crescendo joined the Diana. At 15.20 a major explosion took place at the stern of the Diana. The sailors Schuls and Spieker, who were on the fore ship, observed that either the captain and the pilot were hurled from the bridge. The stern was knocked away and the ship sank in 2 minutes.
The two afore mentioned sailors were able to clamp themselves on the raft, They were picked up by the Crescendo.

A. Doeksen gezagvoerder
J. A. v. d. Windt 1e machinist
W. J. Bosman stuurman
A. Kool , kok
and the English pilot Fred Gapper.


Type: Coaster
Built: Firma Gebr. Niestern & Co., Delfzijl,
Owner: Doeksen
Dimensions: 38.89 x 7.34 x 2.64 m.
Tonnage: 313 tons
Propulsion: Motor, Oil, 2-stroke single-acting
Complement: 6
Master: Doeksen, A.


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